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My artwork is a handbook of suggestions to celebrate humanity and invite you to immerse in an ideal world full of happiness, positivism, spirituality, and love. They are pieces full of vibrant colors, textures and elements of everyday life, which are meant to stir emotions and thoughts. My work is a bit of naive and yet profound, with a touch of irony and humor. I don’t pretend to dictate the ultimate truth, but to insinuate ideas that may help improve the well being of the viewer. My goal is to motivate and propose a purpose-driven life, to help make this world better. I like to dream, and dream big. Who can live without dreaming? Who can exist without purpose? As an artist, I want to tell a story and inspire. These are not mere decoration pieces, but works from the heart meant to make you reflect on your reality. I invite you to take a look and be surprised.

My pieces are full of exciting colors with textures and subtle messages that enrich their content. I look at the nostalgia of the past recognizing its importance, not thinking that it was always better, but using it as an example to improve our future. As an artist, I feel the obligation and mission of using my talent to improve the life of those who see my work, by transmitting a message of life, love and positivism.

Art should be a tool used to improve the world and not contribute with it to its downfall.