This is a series honoring the Blessed Mother. It is an ongoing series which depicts different advocations of Virgin Mary. This is Virgin Mother, a not very well known devotion to the pregnant Virgin Mary.
This painting is sold stretched and ready to hang. This piece is colorful and made on linen with oils. It is a beautiful piece to be placed anywhere in your home or religious institution.

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Reality Bites

"Reality Bites" is a collection filled with love, and even a touch of mystery. I use symbols that express a magical realism, which tell a story of human nature, of our perfection and of course, our imperfection. I contemplate social and cultural issues to show them in a new light, with a bit of sarcasm, humor, and even criticism to spark a flame in the soul and open hearts and minds.

"Cruda Realidad" es una colección llena de amor y hasta un toque de misterio. Utilizo símbolos que expresan un realismo mágico, que cuentan una historia sobre la naturaleza humana, de nuestras perfecciones y claro, nuestras imperfecciones. Contemplo problemas sociales y culturales para mostrarlos bajo una nueva luz, con un poco de sarcasmo, humor y hasta un poco de crítica para despertar una llama en el alma y abrir corazones y mente.

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Story of a Woman

It is a homage to women and their role in society and the family. They are moms, therapists, beautiful, hard workers, cooks, doctors, and many times without needing a degree. This series is all made with oils and collage that has been painted over to enhance the colors. They are all made on linen to ensure the best quality.

Es un homenaje a la mujer y su papel en la sociedad y la familia. Son madres, terapistas, bellas, trabajadoras, cocineras, doctoras y muchas veces sin necesitar título alguno. Esta serie está hecha con óleos y collage que ha sido pintado para intensificar el color. Todos están trabajados en lino para asegurar la mejor calidad.

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Talking About Love

“Talking About Love” is a beautiful collection of abstract pieces full of textures and vibrant colors. It is romantic and conveys a message of love and devotion. It is an invitation to love and live a life of peace and optimism that spreads to those around us. They are carefree works of art full of happiness and emotion. 

"Hablando de Amor" es una bella colección abstracta llena de texturas y vibrantes colores. Es romántica expresando un mensaje de amor y devoción. Es una invitación a amar y vivir una vida de paz y optimismo que contagie a todos aquellos que nos rodean. Son cuadros frescos llenos de alegría y emoción.

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