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DUTIES/ DEBERES - Diana Benedetti


As an artist, I feel the duty to stir hearts and not simply color canvases that decorate a wall. All my pieces are full of symbols that give messages and...

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Enrique Grau: Colombian Master - Diana Benedetti

Enrique Grau: Colombian Master

  Enrique Grau is one of the three most famous artists of Modern Art in Colombia, along with Alejandro Obregón and Fernando Botero. He was raised in an environment that...

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Child's Play - Diana Benedetti

Child's Play

Is it childish to still miss you when you are so long gone? When I still feel your warm embrace? Is it childish to have forgiven you in spite of...

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Harvest/ Cosecha - Diana Benedetti

Harvest/ Cosecha

Some pretend to pass through this world doing whatever the heck they want...thinking only in themselves! They don't realize that everything they do is part of a larger universe. They...

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#METOO?? - Diana Benedetti


A year ago, I launched my most recent collection called: "Story of a Woman". It was initially inspired by the #metoo movement, but as the idea started maturing, I decided to reflect...

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The Escape / La Fuga - Diana Benedetti

The Escape / La Fuga

This is the only piece I have left from the collection “Walls that Talk”. I used pigments from Rousillon, France . These pigments enhance the color and texture of the painting. On...

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