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  • High Quality Oil & Collage on Linen 
  • 40 in. x 30 in.
  • 102 cm. x 76 cm.
  • Ships in a box
  • Stretched and ready to hang
  • Free shipping included
  • One of a Kind Piece

GUESS WHO IS WATCHING refers to how women can be the object of attention, but to protect themselves they tend to not be authentic. Who is really watching you? Is it God, is it you? Are you acting like a role model to others? This oil and collage painting has an ochre background mimics the old walls, where signs, photos and papers are pasted. Some of the images are a beautiful large sun with a sunflower on top. There is an image of a mom kissing a baby. Towards the top there is an image of a man's eyes looking right at you, the viewer. At the bottom, there are three identical black and white photographs of a man's closed eyes. These are completely painted. The red tape is also painted(not real). On the left side there is some writing. It says Te ADmiro(I admire you).
GUESS WHO IS WATCHING? is part of the collection, Story of a Woman, a homage to women and their role in society and the family. They are moms, therapists, beautiful, hard workers, cooks, doctors, and many times without needing a degree. This series is all made with oils and collage that has been painted over to enhance the colors. They are all made on linen to ensure the best quality.
All my paintings are originals. For your convenience, it is shipped stretched, wired and ready to hang. 1.5" edge is painted. Certificate of Authenticity. Signed on front and back.

Un homenaje a las mujeres y su papel en la sociedad y la familia. Son mamás, terapistas, bellas, trabajadoras, cocineras, doctoras, y muchas veces sin tener título alguno. Esta serie está completamente hecha en óleos y collage pintado para acentuar los colores. La tela con la que trabajo es lino para asegurar la mejor calidad. Adivina quien Te Mira se refiere a como las mujeres pueden ser objeto de atención, pero para protegerse tienden a no ser auténticas. Quién Te mira realmente? Es Dios? Eres tú? Estás actuando como un modelo para otros seguir?
Todas mis pinturas son originales. Para su conveniencia, son empacadas en sus bastidores y listas para colgar. Los bordes son pintados así que no hay necesidad de marcos. Certificado de autenticidad. Firmados en el lienzo y por detrás.