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  • High Quality Oil on Canvas 
  • 6 in. x 6 in.
  • 15 cm. x 15 cm.
  • Ships in a box
  • Free shipping included
  • One of a Kind Piece


This small and very colorful painting is part of the collection COLORS OF THE GARDEN. It has a light blue with gold. The hummingbird is a symbol of God's grace, power and speed. It also represents the divine attributes of infinity, continuity and eternity.  It is ready to hang and shipping is included.

Esta pequeña y colorida obra es parte de la colección, COLORES DEL JARDIN. El fondo es color azul celeste y oro. El colibrí representa la gracia de Dios, Su poder y bendición. También representa los atributos de infinidad, continuidad y eternidad. Esta pieza está lista para colgar.