Zoom Me Basta - Diana Benedetti
Zoom Me Basta - Diana Benedetti
Zoom Me Basta - Diana Benedetti


  • High Quality Oil on Linen 
  • 48 in. x 36 in.
  • 122 cm. x 92 cm.
  • Ships rolled in a tube
  • Free shipping included
  • One of a Kind Piece

ENOUGH FOR ME (ME BASTA) is part of "Reality Bites", a collection of realist paintings, which are full of color and underlying messages. The piece is painted in oils on linen, in different tones of orange and red, reminding the viewer of those old walls with so much history stuck to them. The red rose represents passion. The writing in spanish says: "A caress from You is enough to feel that God loves me. A kiss from You is enough to feel I am in Paradise. Your love for me is enough to feel peace. You are enough for me to love."
It is a piece with a profound meaning. This painting will last you a lifetime. For your convenience, it's shipped rolled on a tube in a triangular FedEx box. Canvas can be easily re-stretched on a thick stretcher by any framer, with further framing then optional. 1.5" edge is painted and there is extra canvas to staple on back. Certificate of Authenticity. Signed on front and back.

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