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  • High Quality Oil on Canvas 
  • 20in. x 60in.
  • 51 cm. x 152cm.
  • Ships stretched and ready to hang
  • Free shipping included
  • One of a Kind Piece


L.O.V.E. is part of "Reality Bites", a collection of realist paintings, which are full of color and underlying messages. This is part of a series of paintings where I use reality to tell to express messages of  love, faith, and hope. Each nautical flag represents a letter which together spell LOVE. Love never fails.  It is a beautiful piece with a profound meaning.

This painting will last you a lifetime. For your convenience, it's shipped in a box. It is stretched  ready to hang. 1.5" edge is painted and no need of a frame. Certificate of Authenticity. Signed on front and back.


L.O.V.E. es parte de "Cruda Realidad", una colección de pinturas realistas, llenas de color y mensajes ocultos. Este es parte de una serie de obras donde uso el realismo para expresar mensajes de amor, esperanza y fe. Cada bandera nautica es una letra que junto con las otras banderas dicen la palabra : LOVE (AMOR)

 Es una obra preciosa con un mensaje simple y profundo. Para su conveniencia se envía montado y listo para colgar. Certificado de autenticidad. Firmado en el frente y atrás.