Zoom Journeys /Travesías - Diana Benedetti
Zoom Journeys /Travesías - Diana Benedetti
Zoom Journeys /Travesías - Diana Benedetti
Zoom Journeys /Travesías - Diana Benedetti


  • High Quality Oil on Linen 
  • 48 in. x 24 in.
  • 122 cm. x 60 cm.
  • Ships rolled in a tube
  • Free shipping included
  • One of a Kind Piece


JOURNEYS is part of "Reality Bites" a collection filled with messages of courage, compassion and love. The piece is long and horizontal painted in a range of yellows and oranges. The paper boats represent are journey through life. This painting will last you a lifetime and its oils on linen.
For your convenience, it's shipped rolled on a tube in a triangular FedEx box. Canvas can be easily re-stretched on a thick stretcher by any framer, with further framing then optional. 1.5" edge is painted and there is extra canvas to staple on back. Certificate of Authenticity. Signed on front and back.



Travesías es parte de Cruda Realidad, una colección llena de sensibilidad y amor, e inclusive un toque de misterio. Esta pieza es larga e horizontal pintada en tonos de amarillo y naranja. Los botes de papel representan la travesía a través de la vida. Esta pintura durará toda una vida. Está hecha en óleos sobre lienzo. Para su conveniencia, se envía en caja completamente lista para colgar. La obra está montada en bastidores  de 1.5 pulgadas y no hay necesidad de enmarcar. Firmado delante y detrás.

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