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  • High Quality Oil on Linen 
  • 48 in. x 36 in.
  • 122 cm. x 92 cm.
  • Ships rolled in a tube
  • Free shipping included
  • One of a Kind Piece

This piece is part of a series of abstract paintings that have been inspired by the lack of love in the world. I believe that with love, the world could be such a better place to live! It is a conversation piece that is happy and evokes reflection.The colors are a combination of blush and ultramarine blues with multicolored hearts showering the painting. I have added a bit of realism with a post-it that says: " don't let me fall." in spanish. This painting will last you a lifetime. 
For your convenience, it's shipped rolled on a tube. Canvas can be easily re-stretched on a thick stretcher by any framer, with further framing then optional. 1.5" edge is painted and there is extra canvas to staple on back. Certificate of Authenticity. Signed on front and back.

Esta pieza es parte de una serie de pinturas que han sido inspiradas por la falta de amor en el mundo. Creo que con amor, el mundo sería un mejor sitio para vivir. Es una pieza alegre y espiritual que evocará mucha reflexión.Los colores son una combinación de blush y azul ultramarino con una lluvia de corazones multicolores que adicionan color a la pieza. He adicionado un toque de realismo con una pequeña nota que dice: "no me dejes caer". Esta pintura le durará toda la vida. Empacada en un tubo. El lienzo se puede montar en bastidor de 1.5 pulgadas con suficiente cantidad de tela. No hay necesidad de enmarcarlo si no se desea. Certificado de autenticidad. Firmado por delante y detrás.