I have started this collection, because I am passionate about love. I really think it is the only way to change the world and make it a better place to live. I have used vibrant colors that exalt the soul and bring a little bit of happiness to the viewer. I believe each person is unique and must use their talents to improve their surroundings and why not, the whole world.  “Talking About Love” is a colorful collection of abstract pieces with showers of love. It is romantic and conveys the different ways of showing love and devotion to those who surround us and ultimately, God. Its message is an invitation to let go and communicate everything that is hidden deep in the spirit, expressing our love to each other. It is a suggestion to not fear, but to have the courage to show feelings, without prejudice and restraints.


“Reality Bites” is filled with love, and even a touch of mystery. I use symbols that express reality and fantasy, which come together to tell a story of human nature, of our perfection and of course, our imperfection. I contemplate social and cultural issues to show them in a new light, with a bit of sarcasm, humor, and even criticism to spark a flame in the soul and open hearts and minds.


A beautiful and colorful collection honoring Virgin Mary and the different advocations. I am blessed and very grateful of making this new body of work.