Why “ELLAS”?

“ELLAS”, is part of the collection REALITY BITES. It is a homage to women and their important role in society and the family. They are moms, therapists, beautiful, hard workers, cooks, doctors, and many times without needing a degree. Many times, women are underestimated by society and themselves, rejecting even the beautiful and essential place they have in society.This series is all made with oils and collage that has been painted over to enhance the colors.I wanted to explore collage, which is something I had never done, but I have found to be very liberating. These new pieces are all made on linen to ensure the best quality. SCENT OF A WOMAN refers to how a woman’s scent, posture, presentation and even actions say so much about her.


SCENT OF A WOMAN oil and collage on linen 36in x 36in  


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